The Teamrocs organization was created  in a text based  newsgroup on the internet in the ear
lly 1990s, the days of the internet.


There were plenty of car audio enthusiasts in the ealy 1990's.  We met on the IRC every day and a few of us decided to form a group.


We became a group of friends, buddys and cohorts from all over the world and decided to name our new group, TeamROCS..


It was the duty of TeamROCS to FIDDLE with every one and everything related to car audio.


Our goal was to make folks THINK about their car audio choices instead of just blindly following along the myths and lies and brand names of the day.  Not just the kids and consumers but we hit the manufactureres and tech support folks as well, many of which helped perpetuate the myths and lies..


Over the years most of our thriving membership of the 1990's have grown up and moved on with their life.


The club, the mailing list, and the website have been dormant and unchanged for about a decade or longer.  The website still gets a reasonable number of hits, mainly because there is much technical data and some car audio history among its pages.


It is archived here.

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